e-Smart Home

e-Smart Home
e-Smart Home stands for more security and a more efficient use of energy. The usage of remote-controlled devices and automated procedures increases the quality of life in living spaces and homes. 
It requires the networking of housing technology and household appliances such as lamps, blinds, heating & cooling systems, but also stoves, refrigerators and washing machines. In addition, consumer electronic devices can also be connected to the e-Smart Home.
One may refer to a “Smart Home“ when most of the lights, switches and devices, which are used in the house, are interconnected. The e- Smart Home components can additionally save data and it is possible to setup chains of command. Smart Home-systems can be setup easily and quickly without any special know-how or complex cabling. However, the connection of switches to the in-house power grid must be done by an authorized qualified personnel.
Let self-defined timer functions automatically regulate daily procedures and increase the security of your home. Whether it is a window sensors, door sensors or motion detectors – you can always have an overview of your home with our free smartphone APP.
Install chains of command so for example the light can switch on automatically when the motion detector or the door sensor is activated.
Windows closed ? Lamps switched off ? Roller blinds down ? Flat iron switched off ? No problem! Thanks to the easy user interface of the APP you can navigate and control your household devices even on the road.
You no longer have to look for your remote control. Use infrared navigated devices as HiFi-systems, televisions or air conditions with your smartphone or tablet.
Further heicko e-Smart Home components in 2017:
- Smoke alarm
- Security camera
Die akkubetriebenen Rohrmotoren mit 35 mm Rohrdurchmesser finden daher besonders bei der Gebäudesanierung und -renovierung Anwendung. Die 10 Nm starken Motoren der HRSDC-Serie eignen sich hervorragend für den Betrieb von Rollläden kleiner und mittelgroßer Fenster oder auch Balkontüren.




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