1-channel emitter with light sensor and timer as well as a transparent vacuum cup for mounting on glass. This emitter can operate roller shutters or exterior blinds by using sunlight, timer or manual control.

Special highlight: An integrated light sensor which can shade your rooms at any time of the day. Once the sunlight reaches the sensor, which is mounted on the window, the hanging closes itself to the sensor’s position. Due to the sensor, if the sunlight becomes weaker, the hanging automatically moves back to the upper limit. Additionally, the hanging can be controlled via timer as well as the buttons on the emitter.



Technical Specifications :
• Compatible with the radio tubular motors of the series: HRF, HREF, HREFBH, ERF,
  EREF, EREFL, ERFN as well as the external radio receivers HR120033A,
  HR120036A and switch HR120032A
• Radio frequency 433.92 MHz
• Current: 10 mA
• Protection index: IP65
• Radio code: G1

Illustration 1
At low levels of sunlight the shutter stays in the uppermost position. The intensity can be set to 4 different levels.

Illustration 2 and Illustration 3
If the level of sunlight increases more than the adjusted setting for 5 minutes or more, the shutter moves down, till it is covering the sensor.
Illustration 4 and Illustration 5
The shutter then moves back up and stays at the height of the sensor . If the level of sunlight decreases for 15 minutes or more, e.g. at sunset, the shutter moves back to its original uppermost position.

Illustration 6
The timer function facillitates the control of light levels in your rooms. Furthermore the timer function overrides any sensor adjustment levels.






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