Ningbo Chenyang Information Technology from China is a diversified international operating company, focused on three areas:

1. High end tubular motors and automated shading systems with various
    controlling systems including Smart Home components.

2. Development, design and sourcing of OEM hand tools and accessories on
    customer’s requests.

3. Quality control of outgoing customer shipments. We check the quality and
    quantity of YOUR orders to ensure that YOU get what you ordered!


1.High end tubular motor technology

We offer a wide range of tubular motors for roller shutters, heavy doors, awnings and fast turning blind systems. You need clipping head systems? Try our German brand from heicko e-ast GmbH!
Furthermore we offer motorized shading and shutter systems - ready to use - including all needed controlling and fixing parts.  All products with low noise, high reliability and easy installation, to meet the needs of people to improve their quality of life.
Our SmartHome system can operate with all our tubular motors and additional components guarantee more security and more comfort at your HOME.

2. Development, design and sourcing

More and more customers do concern about their own branding including individual design. Our aim is to help you to customize your products.
Our offers:

· Searching qualified manufacturers for you, or cooperating with your existing partners.

· Design and printing of OEM packing. Also in smaller lots (down to 500 pcs.)

· Design and printing of working manuals, leaflets, catalogs, labels, stickers and more.

· Participate from our supplier rage! We are specialized in all kinds of HSS twist drills, wood and masonry drills, screwdriver bits, saw blades, hand screwdriver, sausage guns, foam guns, single component applicators, cutter knifes and -blades. Furthermore we offer different kinds of standard screws such as drywall screws, chipboard screws, concrete screws and screws according to DIN standard.

3. Quality control

You are sourcing from Shanghai and/or Zhejiang province already? We help you to check the quality and quantity of your outgoing goods. Reducing the number of default or missing products can cut down your costs and strengthen your customer relationship.

Our offers:

· Function test of your products

· Content approval, are all accessories packed? Working manuals added?

· Optical check of surface quality

· Scaling product tolerances

· Packing quality of boxes and pallets including labeling, batch numbers and bar codes.

You will get a full English report with pictures of each checked batch to negotiate with your supplier the improvement of their quality standards.



Tel:+86 574 86690363

No777,West Zhongguan Road Zhenhai, Ningbo Zhejiang China

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