Corner and pivot bearing screw Power-Duo, PH2-drive, head painted white 4.2x28

Corner and shear bearings have to be screwed into PVC,
as well as through PVC into steel. Normally 2 to 3 screws
are used in PVC and 1 to 2 screws are used in PVC and
If pre-drilled, the extraction values of the window screws
in PVC will be poor. The screwing-in through PVC in steel on its
own, provides a sufficient hold. Furthermore, the usage of
drilling screws results in an outstanding stability, in the case of
PVC in steel. The stability will be hindered if the drill screws are
just screwed into.
Our solution:

We developed the screw "Power-Duo"
This self-drilling screw can be used in PVC and PVC / steel.
1 - in PVC window screw thread Ø 4.2 mm
    in steel tapping screw thread Ø 3.5 mm
2 - in PVC only window screw thread Ø 4.2 mm

• Metal tapping screw thread Ø 3.5 mm
• PVC thread Ø 4.2 mm
• Self drilling tip
• Flat oval head Ø 7.1 mm with brake ribs
• Cross recess PH2
• Roller sorted
• No pre-drilling necessary
• High extraction and torque force values
 ift-Rosenheim approved, report no. 509 22430










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