Motorized shading systems and Venetian blinds for the interior

The heicko e-ast GmbH delivers to you electronically controlled shading systems and Venetian blinds which can be mounted on walls, ceilings or by clamp brackets (screwless) on doors or window wings.

Due to an easy-to-use fastening system, self-assembly is no challenge. A wide range of different tubular motors are available which vary in size and strength.

Beside numerous motors with 220 V we alternatively offer 7.4 V and 12 V motors with integrated rechargeable batteries.

Motorized shading and darkening blinds offer a high operating comfort for nearly all windows, doors or glass elements and are suited very well for poorly accessible places or high elements.

Motorized Venetian blinds have automatically adjustable slats which are usually between 25 and 50 mm in width and linked by drawstrings. Eventhough 100% darkening is not possible they are perfect for shading or privacy protection and can be perfectly used as a decorative room divisor.

The comfortable opening and closing of the motorized shade and blind elements can be made with a switch (wall mounted), emitter or in combination with wind-, solar sensors or time control. In addition to the upper and the lower limit position, 8 further limit positions can be programmed.


Rechargeable battery operated DC tubular motors

The noiseless electronic motors with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are used in all kinds of blinds. As the tubular motor is powered by battery, a connection to the power grid (220 V) is not necessary to ensure the power supply. Therefore the motor can be assembled at any place of the room without the necessity of installing electric lines and assigning certified electricians to connect / install the motor.

Hence, the rechargeable 35 mm DC motors fit particularly well in building and renovation use. The 10 Nm motors of the HRSDC series are well-suited for roller shutters of small and medium-sized windows as well as balcony doors.

Thanks to the low energy consumption, the battery can last between 3 and 6 months on a single charge. The battery life depends on the number of cycles of the tubular motor and the weight of the hangings. Recharging the battery will only take a few hours and the removal of the battery is not necessary as the tubular motor is being recharged on the built-in socket.






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