Shangri-La blinds

Shangri-La blind with a rechargeable DC tubular motor with built-in receiver, delivered in a decorative aluminium housing, including wall and ceiling brackets.

  • Horizontal fabric strips are attached to two vertical fabric panels. The Turning of the internal fabric (strips) changes the light intensity.

  • Similar to a Venetian blind the Shangri-La fabric can be completely hidden in the aluminum housing by emitter.

  • Shangri-La blinds are design window decorations which combine the benefits of roller blinds and Venetian blinds. The major advantage is the variable light control as well as the beautifully designed interior decoration.

  • Motorized Shangri-La blind with premounted DC tubular motor (ERSDC3808-30) with built-in receiver. Thanks to the low energy consumption and high capacity lithium-ion battery, the motor can operate several months on a single charge.

  • Without chain drive, convenient to operate by emitter. Ready to use within a few minutes.
  • With the help of the emitter the rotation direction and a maximum of 6 limits can be set. The blind can be adjusted at any height with the emitter.
  • Installation without a certified electrician is possible


Function and assembly:
Thanks to the small rechargeable DC tubular motors with built-in receivers, blinds can be operated by emitter. Several blinds can be controlled with one emitter, single or group functions are available as well as the use of timer functions. The unpleasant chain drives of conventional blinds as well as the strangulation danger for playing children do no longer exist. Modern lithium batteries, which are also used in millions of smartphones, work in a low voltage range which makes them safe and long-lasting.

Wall and ceiling assembly:
The clamps of the housing are mounted first, then the housing gets stacked onto the wall or ceiling mounted clamps.

Precisely adjustable:
The tubular motor is premounted in the shaft of the blind. It can be inserted according to customers demand on the left or right side. The rotation direction of the motor as well as the limits can be set by the emitter. A total of 6 limits can be set which increases the individual shading possibilities.

Scope of supply:
• Shangri-La blind in aluminium housing (Item no.: RH38-01)
• Preassembled DC tubular motor (Item no.: ERSDC3808-30)
• 2x wall and ceiling brackets
• Instructions for the installation of the blind, operation manual
  for the tubular motor

Optional accessories:
• 6-channel emitter for the operation of up to six separate blinds
  (item no. HR1200DC-6)
• Charger for the DC tubular motor (Item no.: HR1200LA-7.4)
• Aluminum housing (Item no.: RH50-01, for Ø 50 mm round shaft)

Turning of the internal fabric strips only works, if the blind is fully unwound. Please check the required height carefully before ordering.


Item no. Width* in cm Length in cm Colour Type colour Shading efficiency
S38-120-140-0101 120 140 white 0101 70 %
S38-140-150-0101 140 150 white 0101 70 %
S38-160-150-0101 160 150 white 0101 70 %
S38-180-150-0101 180 150 white 0101 70 %
S38-200-150-0101 200 150 white 0101 70 %
S38-220-150-0101 220 150 white 0101 70 %
S38-240-150-0101 240 150 white 0101 70 %


* Please note:
  a) The indicated measurements refer to the total width of the blind. The fabric is approx. 5 cm smaller
      (approx. 3 cm on the motor side and 2 cm on the idler side).





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