Motorized / automatedshading and darkening blinds

Short description:
Electric shading and darkening blinds with an exceptionally quick tubular motor (item no. ERF1040-06-38) with built-in receiver, including wall and ceiling brackets.
  • Motorized blind, for the interior shading of windows, doors and glass elements with premounted tubular motor with built-in receiver by heicko.
  • The fabric is either light-transmitting (Fabric opening rate 3-5%) or opaque
    (Fabric opening rate 0%) material. From light to full anti-dazzle or glare /sun protection.
  • It is washable and hardly inflammable.
  • The tubular motor (ERF1040-06-38) is particularly constructed for blinds.
    With a speed of 28 rotations per minute (rpm) it is very fast and suitable
    for long blinds up to 7 m.
  • With a torque of 6 Nm (approx. 14 kg) the motor owns enough strength
    to move several blinds at the same time due to joint brackets.
  • The included solid metal brackets are coated in the colour "champagne".
    The same coloured caps allow a concealed wall or ceiling assembly.
  • The technology used in the tubular motors with built-in receiver has already
    proved itself millions of times which guarantees a long life time of the
  • The control of the blinds occurs at the touch of a button of the emitter
    or via APP, therefore no unpleasant chain drive is needed.

Function and assembly:
Thanks to tubular motors with built-in receivers, blinds can be operated by emitters. Several blinds can be controlled with one emitter, single or group functions are available as well as timer functions (depending on the emitter).

All individual functions can be implemented with your smartphone or tablet and the free heicko e-Smart Home APP for Android and IOS as well as the heicko Gateway (item no. eSH-RMP – tubular motor driver heicko-G1)

The unpleasant chain drives of conventional blinds as well as the strangulation danger for playing children do no longer exist due to automation. Due to the use of joint brackets several blinds can be operated with only one tubular motor.
Single blinds can be also delivered in decorative aluminium housings (item no.: RH50-01).

Wall and ceiling assembly:
These electric blinds are designed to be mounted on walls or ceilings by brackets. In case the blind is with housing, clamps are mounted first, then the housing gets stacked onto the wall or ceiling mounted clamps.

Precisely adjustable:
The tubular motor is premounted in the shaft of the blind. It can be inserted according to customers demand on the left or right side. The rotation direction of the motor is controlled with an emitter, the limits are set with a limit setting tool on the motors head.

Scope of supply:
• Blind with 50 mm round shaft made of aluminum
• 1-channel hand held emitter

• Preassembled tubular motor (item no.: ERF1040-06-38) with 6 Nm
  torque, about 14 kg tensile force
• 2x brackets with cap and splint (Item no: BBC64-11)

• Limit setting tool
• Instructions for the assembly of the blind, operation manual for the tubular
  motor with built-in receiver

Optional accessories:
• 4, 5, 6, 16-channel emitter for the operation of up to 16 separate blinds
• Idler bracket and motor bracket flat, champagne-coloured with caps
  and splint (item no. BBC64-11-F)
• Joint brackets 90° (Item no.: BLBRJ-90-50) or 180° (Item no.: BLBRJ-180-50)
• Rechargable tubular motor ERSDC1040-05 – no permanent AC power supply
• Solar panel (with ERSDC1040-05 or charger (HR1200LA-16.8))


Item no. Width* in cm Length in cm Colour Type colour Fabric opening rate
R50-080-250-SLS5061 80 250 white SLS5061 0 %
R50-80-250-3C106 80 250 grey 3C106 5 %
R50-080-250-SL50033 80 250 grey SL50033 0 %
R50-090-250-3C301 90 250 white 3C301 3 %
R50-100-250-3C301 100 250 white 3C301 3 %
R50-100-250-3C106 100 250 grey 3C106 5 %
R50-100-250-SLS5061 100 250 white SLS5061 0 %
R50-100-250-SL50033 100 250 grey SL50033 0 %
R50-120-250-3C301 120 250 white 3C301 3 %
R50-120-250-3C106 120 250 grey 3C106 5 %
R50-120-250-SLS5061 120 250 white SLS5061 0 %
R50-120-250-SL50033 120 250 grey SL50033 0 %
R50-140-250-3C301 140 250 white 3C301 3 %
R50-140-250-3C106 140 250 grey 3C106 5 %
R50-140-250-SL50033 140 250 grey SL50033 0 %


* Please note:
  a) The indicated measurements refer to the total width of the blind including brackets.
      The fabric is approx. 5-6 cm smaller (See p.21)




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