with electronic limit setting, built-in battery and receiver



The motors are suitable for 18’s, 28’s, 38’s and 50’s round shafts as well as 40’s octagonal shafts. Primarily this series can be applied to interior shade systems such as roller- and zebra blinds, roller shutter systems as well as for interior decoration matters like room divider in living rooms.
The ERSDC-series has a built-in radio receiver and can be operated with heicko emitters as well as the heicko e-Smart Home APP. Due to the built-in lithium battery, operating without an AC power supply is possible. The battery is rechargeable and can operate the motor (fully charged), depending on the application habit, for many months.
The blinds and venetian blinds can be assembled with wall- and ceiling mounted brackets or clamp brackets directly attached on the window wing (on “turn” or “tilt and turn” windows with clamp bracket BKF13-25).

Short Introduction:

• Built-in lithium-battery
• Built-in radio receiver, radio code: G2
• Easy control with various different emitters from heicko (radio code G2) and via e-Smart Home Gateway (BroadLink) as well as the everHome Cloudbox
• Quiet run, <= 40 dB series Ø 35 mm; <= 35 dB series Ø 18 mm and Ø 25 mm
• Limit setting via hand-held emitter
• Tilting of venetian blinds due to the step function of the emitter
• Charging via charger (HR1200LA-7.4-USB or standard smartphone       chargers, HR1200LA-12.6 or solar panel HR1200-LA-SOLAR/2)
• Low voltage 8 V / 12 V to prevent an electric shock,for the quick assembly no electrician is required!



Scope of supply:

• Rechargable tubular motor
• Pre-assembled adapter-kit for round shafts
• German manual and assembly instructions
  (other languages on request)

Optional accessory:

Emitter HD15B, HD05BT, HR120038C
Solar panel HR1200-LA-SOLAR, HR1200-LA-SOLAR2




ERSDC Ø16mm:
Retrofit motorization of standard sunshade, blackout blinds and Zebra blinds with chain drive by the heicko cordless DC tubular motor ERSDC2803-35.
Regardless of whether it is a DIY or branded roller blind (Gardenia, Ikea, Viktoria M and others), almost all roller blinds can be retrofitted electrically. Easy charging via micro USB or solar panel.



ERSDC Ø25mm:
Motorized double roller blinds (Zebra blinds) as well as sun protection and blackout blinds with cordless DC tubular motor. Thanks to the clamp bearings (Klemmfix) for e.g. window or door wings assembly is possible without predrilling. Easy charging via micro USB or solar panel.



ERSDC Ø 35mm:
For large electrically powered sunshades and blackout blinds. Ideal for wall and ceiling mounting as well as roller blinds in housings. The strong 6 NM DC battery motor with 28 RMP is strong enough to operate two or three blinds at the same time. Easy charging via charger (12.6V) or solar panels with jack plug.

Type ERSDC2803-35 ERSDC3808-35 ERSDC1040-06
Motor head Standard Standard Square shaft reception
Length without bearing 356 mm 430.5 mm 655 mm
Motor diameter 16 mm 25 mm 35 mm
Input voltage 8 V 8 V 12 V
Power 4.8 W 8 W 33.6 W
Rated torque 0.3 Nm 0.7 Nm 6 Nm
Maximum load 1.5 kg 3.1 kg 11 kg
Rated RPM 30 rpm 34 rpm 28 rpm
Current consumption 0.6 A 1 A 2.8 A
Power on duration
Protection type, VDE 700 IP40 IP44 IP44
Motor protection, ISO-class H H H
Capacity of the battery battery
750 mAh
2200 mAh
3200 mAh
Max. turns / circles
For shaft diameter 18 / 28 mm round shaft 38 mm round shaft
50 mm round shaft
Radio frequency 433.92 MHz 433.92 MHz 433.92 MHz
Compatible charger App  Control
App  Control
App  Control
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