Lithium battery powered heicko tubular motor with built-in receiver, radio code: G2, for the installation in roller shutter boxes without electrical connection, hanging weight up to max. 29 kg


Battery operated tools, such as cordless screwdrivers or cordless saws have been in daily use for many craftsmen for years, as well as smartphones in which the lithium batteries have been used. So why not the roller shutter and blinds? The DC tubular motor actually offers ideal conditions, because the motors usually runs only 1-2 times a day and consumes relatively little power, the installation is quick and without the annoying laying of cables. In addition, there is no need for a qualified electrician during installation.
The new HRSDC series from heicko allows a charge-free use of tubular motors over several months, thanks to the integrated 3200 mAh lithium batteries. If the battery is almost empty, the LED, that can be installed in the roller shutter box, lights up red and indicates that charging is required. After a few hours, the batteries are full again and the LED indicator lights up green. At rest, however, nothing lights, so that it does not disturb, e.g. in bedrooms.

The rechargeable batteries in the tubular motor can be charged with a solar panel, a stand-alone solution, powered by solar power.
With 13 Nm (about 29 kg maximum weight) almost all conventional roller shutters can be easily retrofitted, which is a nicer and usually stronger solution to commercially available electric belt winder. The fast assembly is favored by a clippable motor head (also suitable for many Somfy brackets). Alternatively, with an adapter, the clippable motor head can be changed into a motor head with square shaft in the event that an existing bracket is to be used again in an old building.
The control possibilities of the motors are as varied as the motor itself. Thanks to the built-in receiver, various emitters are available. From a simple 5-channel emitter, via 5-channel emitter with timer, to control via APP on tablet or smartphone.


Short Introduction:

• Easy and inexpensive installation, ideal for renovation purposes. No cables
  required for an electrical installation
• Charging with a 12.6 V charger or by solar radiation via solar panel (stand-
  alone solution)
• Charging socket with LED (displays charging status of the battery)
• Quick installation due to clippable motor head (suitable to many Somfy
  brackets). Alternatively available with adapter for existing brackets with
  square shaft
• Easy operation via emitter with or without timer function. The motor can be
  integrated into heicko Smart Home systems (everHome and Broadlink


Scope of supply:

• Electronic tubular motor
• Pre-assembled adapter-kit
• German manual and assembly instructions (other languages on request)


Available accessories:

• Mini emitter with 5 channels (item no. HR120038C),
  Emitter with 15 channels (item no. HD15B),
  Emitter with timer function and 5 channels (item no. HD05BT),
  Wall / hand-held emitter with 1 channel (item no. HR120033WA)
• Solar panel item no. HR1200-LA-SOLAR & HR1200-LA-SOLAR2
• Adapter for tubular motors with clipable motor head (item no. HRV1300C10)
• everHome Cloud Box 3.0 "heicko Edition" (Item no. eSH-RMP-EH) or
  BroadLink Gateway (Item no. eSH-RMP)


LED Akku im Betrieb:

LED Akku voll:

LED Akku leer:

LED Akku voll geladen:
Type HRSDC4013-14-40 HRSDC4013-14-60 HRSDC4013-14-FP HRSDC4013-14-FS
Motor head clippable clippable clippable clippable
Length without bearing 655 mm 655 mm 655 mm 655 mm
Motor diameter 35 mm 35 mm 35 mm 35 mm
Input voltage 12 V 12 V 12 V 12 V
Power 38.8 W 38.8 W 38.8 W 38.8 W
Rated torque 13 Nm 13 Nm 13 Nm 13 Nm
Maximum load 29 kg 29 kg 29 kg 29 kg
Rated RPM 14 rpm 14 rpm 14 rpm 14 rpm
Current consumption 3.23 A 3.23 A 3.23 A 3.23 A
Power on duration 4 min 4 min 4 min 4 min
Motor protection, Iso-class H H H H
Protection type, VDE 700 IP44 IP44 IP44 IP44
Capacity of the battery battery
3200 mAh
3200 mAh
3200 mAh
3200 mAh
Max. turns / circles no limitation no limitation no limitation no limitation
For shaft diameter 40 mm octagonal shaft 60mm  octagonal shaft Ø 54 mm round
Ø 54 mm round
Radio frequency 433.92 MHz 433.92 MHz 433.92 MHz 433.92 MHz
Compatible hand-held emitter App  Control
App  Control
App  Control
App  Control





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