mit elektronisch einstellbaren Endlagen per Funk und Blockiererkennung 
with electronic limit setting, anti-freezing protection,  built-in receiver
fast 28 rpm, extremely quiet < 34 dB(A), 10 Stop-positions (including both limit positions) with equal intervals possible with emitter HR120029A

Product Description:

The motors in this series are suitable for 40’s, 60’s as well as 70’s octagonal shafts. This is possible due to the motors being available with a diameter of 35 mm. The EREF series has a built-in receiver and can be operated by heicko emitters or via APP and the heicko gateway (item no. eSH-RMP – Tubular motor driver heicko-G1). Due to the quiet run and the high speed rotation (28 rpm) the motor is ideal for interior blinds and venetian blinds.

The anti-freezing protection function of the EREFL series reacts, if during the upwards movement, the rollers encounter a strong opposing force e.g. if they freeze on the window sill. The tubular motor is maintenance-free with a long life span. Furthermore, the motor is silent and is also equipped with a thermal overload protection system.

No shaft connector or anti-lift locks are needed for the anti-freezing protection function.

Short introduction:
• Electronically (through built-in receiver) adjustable limits (without limit 
  setting tool or cable)
• Easy control with various different emitters from heicko such as
  HR120026A, HR120028A, HR120029A, HR120030A, HR120032WA,   
  HR120038A, HB- and HG-series
• Permanent preservation of the limits in case of power failure
• Anti-freezing protection (blockage resistance): The motor automatically 
  switches off, if the upwards movement is hindered
• Built-in receiver
• Simple and speedy assembly and setting of the limits. ideal for industrial  

Scope of supply:
Electronic tubular motor
• Pre-assembled adapter-kit for octagonal shaft
• Universal bracket
• Splint
• German manual and assembly instructions
  (other languages on request)


Type EREFL1040-05
Length without bracket 590 mm
Motor diameter 35 mm
Input voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power 126 W
Rated torque 5 Nm
Maximum load 11 kg
Rated RPM 28 rpm
Current consumption .55 A
Power on duration 4 min
No. of cores 3
Motor protection, ISO-class H
Protection type, VDE 700 IP44
Cable length 2.0 m
Sound pressure level < 34 dB(A)
For shaft diameter 40mm, 8-Kantwelle oder
Radio frequency 433.92 MHz





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